Piano and Pianists : All You Need to Know

You love the world of the piano and its pianists and like to learn a lot of different things in this field?
This section of the site La Touche Musicale will certainly please you! We have compiled some of our studies and research on the world of the piano in all its forms. From the stations where you can play the piano in public to anecdotes about the piano piece La lettre à Elise, as well as our study on the beneficial effects of music, this section covers a wide range of the piano world.
Piano lovers, enjoy your reading!

Why are these piano articles interesting?

These articles deal with many elements around the piano and music in general. They will allow you to learn more about a world that you appreciate. Scientific studies, anecdotes, social studies, emerging phenomena, you will know more about the piano and its current lines of force thanks to this heading and these articles.

Is it necessary to know these phenomena to play the piano well?

Of course not! You can be completely unaware of these elements and still be a true piano virtuoso. On the other hand, if you really appreciate the world of the piano in all its components, you will find it interesting to read these articles. Indeed, they are full of historical and current information that a piano enthusiast could not do without.

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