Piano learning: the essential toolbox

Learning the piano is not an easy task when you start. The difficulties are numerous and some tools would help us to improve or to find more contents on which to practice. This section of the La Touche Musicale website is precisely here to offer you a toolbox to help you find more easily what you are looking for when you learn the piano. You will find for example an article on the best apps to learn piano and complete your learning, websites to find midi files, websites to download free scores, piano methods that work, piano tutorials, … The list is of course not exhaustive but these articles will help you save a lot of time on tools and websites to use in your piano learning.

Does this toolbox really help me learn the piano?

Of course it is! This toolbox is a must-have when learning piano. It presents you all the good deals available on the internet to help you find what you are looking for. Whether it’s musical content to practice and work on (midi files, piano scores, …), learning apps or specific methods and teachings, this toolbox has been made after many hours of research and will save you a lot of time in your various searches.

What advice do you have for those who are just starting to learn the piano?

Our most useful advice is to encourage you to work on the piano in a way that you enjoy. Don’t force yourself to work on music theory if you don’t want to, don’t skip steps if you want to do things in order and progress quickly. Set goals that you will enjoy trying to achieve. Your passion and desire to learn should be your main driving force. Learning the piano requires rigor and time. Si vous n’appréciez pas la façon dont vous apprenez, vous abandonnerez vite. Donc efforcez-vous de passer du temps au départ pour bien choisir la méthode, l’application, le support musical sur lequel vous souhaiterez apprendre. Si vous appréciez, vous ne verrez pas le temps passer, vous vous amuserez et surtout vous progresserez très vite ! I have been learning piano for a very short time.

Is this toolbox useful to me?

Of course! This toolbox is available to everyone. Even if you’ve only been learning piano for a week, it will be very useful. You can for example choose your favorite application on which you want to progress, choose your method or follow the video tutorials we have selected for you. Whatever you choose, you’re bound to find what you need as a beginner.

Do you deal with other subjects related to the piano on your site?

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