The Best Songs to Play on the Piano

You dream of learning music on the piano but you are drowned in the mass of pieces proposed on the internet? You have come to the right place. Here are listed articles resulting from several months of research on current trends and presenting the best songs to play on the piano, classified by theme. You will find rap, jazz or classical music. But also easy songs that are suitable for beginners and music from the soundtracks of your favorite movies, series, manga and anime.

How much piano music do you present?

In this section, we present more than a hundred piano songs in total through all the articles. You will find many different genres but also songs adapted to all levels (beginners as well as more experienced).

Who is this songs for?

These tunes are for pianists, beginners or not, who want to broaden their musical horizon and play new songs. These articles are designed to save you time by avoiding a long search and to present you with our top tunes of each genre.

What genres are represented by this piano music?

Among the articles offered, you will find all kinds of music: pop, hits, jazz, soul, classical, movies, series, anime, video games, … No matter what your musical tastes are, you will love some of them and will be able to play them on the piano!

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